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Emergency treatment of zinc chloride leaka

Adequate ventilation. Remove the ignition source. Evacuate personnel quickly to a safe area, away from the leaked area and in the upwind direc

Properties and uses of zinc chloride

Store in a cool and dry place, away from fire and heat sources. Store separately with oxidants and edible chemicals. Pay attention to personal

The application of zinc chloride in indust

In the inorganic industry, as an activator for the production of activated carbon, activated carbon becomes porous and increases its surface a...

What are the safe operation methods of com

The choice of transportation methods is mainly based on the physical and chemical properties of the related products.

Preparation method of zinc chloride

Anhydrous zinc chloride can first be heated and sublimated in a stream of hydrogen chloride, and then heated to 400°C in a stream of dry nitro...
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